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Ford Scheduled Service

Your Ford is important - make sure you look after it!

It isn’t until something goes wrong that people realise the importance of their vehicle. At Pentre motors we try our best to ensure this doesn’t happen, providing the services & expertise you need to keep your car in perfect condition. Not only do we protect resale value and overall health of your vehicle, but we ensure that no matter what the circumstance, we have you covered.

A Ford Scheduled Service

A Ford Scheduled Service is the standard car service option for Ford Vehicles less than 3 years old.

It combines servicing, roadside protection and reduces the overall cost of annual inspections. This car service option is recommended to Pentre Ford customers because it ensures your car stays in the best condition possible. It also ensures that any extra servicing costs are kept minimal by including things like diagnostic tests into the plan.

In addition to assurances for Roadside Cover anywhere in the UK, EU and even at home, Ford Car Servicing includes FREE eVehicle checks including brake tests and wheel alignment checks at any Ford Dealership in the UK.

Our Car Service pricing is available upon request from our Service department who are ready to take your call. If you have any questions or would like repair work you can either call us directly or book through the online servicing process and we will call to confirm exactly what you need.